Monday, November 30, 2009

An Unforgettable Lord's Supper

Sunday morning, just before we woke up, the electricity went out.  Thankfully, the water heater is on propane (that’s the first time I’ve ever been thankful for that!), so we were still able to take hot showers and get ready.  When we arrived at church for the morning service, we discovered that the power was out all over Vatici.

The power stayed off all day and the sun was setting as we prepared to return to church for the evening service, which was to include the Lord’s supper.  A handful of candles were brought into the small room that was overflowing with brothers and sisters of all ages.  We sang, were encouraged and edified by a wonderful sermon from Josh about the significance of the Lord’s supper, and partook of the body and blood of Christ by candlelight.  It was a very beautiful service that I will never forget.

As we prayed to close the service, I silently thanked God for the wonderful candlelit service and prayed for God to please turn our electricity back on now so that we didn’t have to go home to a pitch black apartment with only half of a small candle left for light.  We had no sooner said amen and began collecting our coats when the lights came on!  Praise the Lord, he is so good to his children and faithful to answer even the simplest of prayers!

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