Friday, November 20, 2009

Is It Really Almost Thanksgiving??

Wow, the weeks just FLY by here!  We leave for America in just 11 short days and it is crazy to think that we have already been here almost three months.  In many ways, it feels like it has been just three weeks.

We are preparing to spend Thanksgiving next Thursday with two other American families: Eric and Stephanie, and Keith, Marla, and their 5 children.  Even though we will miss spending the holiday with our own families, we are so thankful to have these two wonderful families here to celebrate with.  I think we are eating at lunchtime, which means that we will have already polished off the pumpkin pies (and Josh is making a chocolate chess pie, Janice!) before most people in the States are even out of bed.

Josh and I were talking the other day about how it is difficult to communicate how excited we are about coming home.  We are just beside ourselves with anticipation over seeing our families and friends again, but not because we don’t like it here.  We do.  We really love it here, actually.  We felt the same way when we lived in Louisville.  We loved living in Louisville, but we still missed seeing the people we love.

In other news, we have gas!  Haha, no we didn’t have beans for dinner last night (although, as we learn Romanian, Josh has entertained the students with profound statements like, “fasole face gaz,” or, “beans make gas”), the gas company turned on our natural gas!  Now the radiator company is scheduled to come today and inspect our radiators and, if all goes well, we should hopefully have heat by tonight!

I don’t think we have adequately explained how much more uncertain this whole process has been than it would be in America.  They were originally supposed to have gas by this past spring (these are brand new lines, there has never been gas in our village before).  Then they have been saying it would be on in two weeks ever since.  Two different gas companies (the big company out of the capital, Chișinău, that is in charge of all of the gas, and the local company out of Orhei that is over our area) have been out here numerous times doing work and inspections.  There has never been a list of, “this is what we need you to do to pass inspection,” rather, every time someone came, there was a new list of things that needed to be done, sometimes even contradicting things that had been done before.  Bribes are common here, and we have suspected that they may have been dragging their feet hoping we would give them some bribe money, but of course we weren’t going to do that.

In Jude news, I don’t know that he will be walking by the time we get home, as many predicted, but he can stand by himself now.  He doesn’t like it though, I think because the floor here is hard tile and he knows how bad it hurts to fall and hit his head, and he is scared.  So whenever he feels me trying to wiggle my fingers out of his hands, he just sits down!  He does walks all over the place holding onto furniture, though, and is so much happier now that he can do that and crawl.

I guess that’s about it… we can’t wait to see everybody when we get home!

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