Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Future Child(ren)'s Room Color

The room as it stands now, currently functioning as a guest room for our parents' frequent visits.

I've been excitedly thinking of decor ideas for our (hopefully-soon-to-be-but-we-really-have-no-idea) future child(ren)'s room. The plan is to do what gender-neutral things we can now, and then add some gender-specific details once we've accepted a placement.

The awesome dresser for this room that I got for a song off of Craigslist.

If you know me well, you may know that I'm a terrible decision maker. My personality is one that gets dazzled by all of the endless options out there, and then 300 hours on Pinterest later, I am wonderfully inspired but just that much further away from being able to decide anything.

So right now, I'm stuck between three possible paint colors for this room.

I'd originally planned to do a light gray like this Chic Gray and Yellow Nursery, or this Gender Neutral Grey, White and Yellow Nursery.

Then I kind of fell in love with bright light turquoise rooms like Gus & Lula's Cheerful Shared Room, or Norah's Bright and Colorful Nursery.

Most recently, however, The Nesting Game's Baby's Room has me totally rethinking all of that light brightness. I'm kind of swooning over the rich moodiness of the navy walls, and I think it would be a great across-the-hall complement to Jude's dark shamrock walls. I've also been inspired by this Into The Woods room for a while (it's more of a navy-gray, but still). And if it turns out to be a girl or two living in there, then navy goes so well with pink and florals, too.

So I need help! What color do you think I should paint the room??


  1. I'm definitely liking the navy idea, especially with the bright accents... :)