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Love Letters: Part 4

It's been a while since I shared another part of the Love Letters Saga. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of embarrassing to be reminded of how silly and flippant all of my letters were! To start at the beginning, go to Part 1.

I want to write a letter just because I have a really nice pen in my pocket!! Wow...Stacy Leigh=TOO easily amused. I accidentally stole one of Martha's pens last night after borrowing it for LC. I will give it back, I promise, but I want to write a letter with it first because the ink comes out smooth and thick and I like it. ☺

I like my teachers a lot. In the morning when it’s time to get up, I don’t usually want to, but when I get to school, I find myself really enjoying it. I feel like that sentence had way too many commas. That’s why I don’t write with pens very often… I mess up too much. Notice that I’m writing in print because it’s slower and I don’t mess up as much. Are you wondering what class I’m in right now? Research and Evaluation in Recreation. Fun times.

Word to non-traditional students. They sure keep class interesting.

You know what would be fun tonight after the basketball game? Phantom of the Opera. I want to see that so bad! I dunno if you’ll feel like it, but I think I’ll at least bring it up.

I feel so bad for you walking by your mailbox every day and not finding anything. I wish these stupid letters would hurry up and get there, dang it. I know how you feel though ‘cause I walked by my mailbox every time I entered my dorm and they were glass so I'd check it every time I went in and out. It gets depressing!

There is a headless skeleton greeting people as we walk through the door of this class. I want to research the medical discoveries that were made at the Nazi concentration camps. We’re talking about research ethics right now and the studies they did on live humans at those camps have always fascinated me. I hope that doesn’t make you think I’m weird! I’ve always thought the Holocaust was interesting… [Note: I didn't mean that in a good way! The Holocaust was a horrible, horrible, horrible thing. I know that. It's just always been something I've found interesting and I enjoy learning about. In a way, I feel like it honors the victims and survivors to learn about the horrors they suffered.]

Anyways, I'm sorry again for this being so random. I'm going to cut it a little short though because I think I may actually need to pay attention.

Until next time!
Stacy Leigh Browning

The next piece of mail Josh received was a card with a picture of two 1960s show girls on it. (The kind of show girls who are well-covered with fancy, crazy costumes and headdresses... not the dirty kind!) The outside of the card reads, "I, for one, am glad there are no people like show people. Show people creep me out." The inside says, "If you become show people, I'll have to rethink everything."

Stacy wrote, "Just giving you a fair warning. I'd hate for you to get too attached and then one day decide you want to be show people. - Stacy Leigh"

January 31, 2005
Dear Stacy Leigh,
I’ve just been confronted again by the reality of how little I love Christ. O, to love Him as I ought! To think of the weight of the Curse upon Him and the lightness of my love for Him! Lord, let us know what happened on that cross and in that grave. May their conqueror be our single desire! Amen.

I want to tell you once again how much I enjoyed this weekend. (My gel pen is about to run dry! ☹) It amazed me how much closer we become with every moment we spend with each other. I remember calling you in November, scared to death because I had no idea what we would talk about, and now we could carry on conversations clear through the night into the morning if we would allow ourselves (dry pen ☹), and still not run out of things to talk about. You always tell (switching pens ☹) me how much you “enjoy me,” and, not that this was ever in doubt but I wanted to say it, I enjoy you too.

I remember at some point that last night you asked me if it was alright for you to pray something. I can’t remember now what that prayer was, but I do know what I wish I would have told you. Pray what you want, what you desire. Just be honest with God. He doesn’t care about “super holy” phrases or formulas. He knows your every thought, no use trying to hide them. Then He will either give what you ask or change your desire, at least that is my understanding of prayer. I share with him openly thoughts and hopes about us that I would never tell you or anyone else at this point. I’m not afraid of not getting what I want because I know that God will give me a want for what I get. Make sense?

Change of subject, I love that you are falling so deeply in love with Hardin Baptist Church, but be warned! If you fall in love with Hardin Baptist, you might not be able to help yourself from falling in love with their favorite son (and I don’t mean Kory!). ☺ But in all seriousness, it does bless me to see you loving the people that I love: my family, my church, my friends. You’ve even found a way to bring my two sets of friends, church friends and high school friends together. Who knows? You may even begin to love other things I love: Lord of the Rings, masculine poetry, or maybe even your nose!

Let me know about any rising affections. ☺

HBC’s favorite son,
Joshua Caleb Hutchens

P.S. Keep the letters coming! Yes, they are random, and I LOVE it! I wish I could get between your ears sometimes, and this is pretty close.

[The letter is written on a file paper with the headings “Murray State University, Health Services, Medications” on the top. It also has a place to list drug allergies.]

Joshua, I’m in the middle of another letter right now, but I’m not allowed to work on it while I’m at work so I thought it would be fun to write you on the papers that I usually journal prayers on when things get slow around here. How’s this for fancy schmancy-pants stationery? ☺ These are the papers we put in everyone’s files for the nurses to write down the medicines they prescribe. Anyway, somehow it’s okay for me to write on these but not okay to write on notebook paper (we have a ‘no homework’ policy).

I have GOT to tell you about this dream I had last night! It was the freakiest dream I’ve had in a long time. Basically, “they” (whoever “they" were) were going around killing everybody. And when I say everybody, I don’t mean they were running through the streets shooting people, it was more like they were killing off the entire human race and when they came to your town you went and waited to be killed. It was the most disturbing thing! On my way to where they killed everybody I ran into a radio station that had been left unmanned and, of course, radio needed to keep going until everybody was dead (I really couldn’t explain the logic) so I stopped to run it. The only problem was that I had no idea how to run a radio station so I went to where everyone was waiting to be killed to find you. It was like a huge banquet hall and everybody was sitting at round tables. You were sitting with Katie and Bro. Mike and Leslie and a few others that I don’t recall. I told you about the radio station and you went to go run it and I went home I think with Katie. Somehow, the people who were killing everyone were finally stopped and a few of us (including you, thanks to me ☺) survived.

So how’s that for your debut in my dreamland? Pretty jacked up, huh? I knew you’d be up by 7 AM and I almost called you this morning just ‘cause it shook me up so bad! But it’s official, you’re now the man of my dreams! ☺

That’s about all I’ve got, considering I’ve already got another letter going in my backpack. I just wanted to make sure I told you about that dream before I forgot!

 Dreaming of you,
Stacy Leigh

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