Friday, June 17, 2011

Feature Friday: Penn & Livie Finery

I first found Penn & Livie Finery while browsing around a blog that lists a lot of etsy giveaways. Karlee, a new mom with a great eye for style, was giving away a bow tie. It was love at first sight.

You may or may not know this, but my husband is kind of infamous in our neck of the woods for the bow ties that his mom used to dress him up in:

My sweet husband on his first Easter.

Is that not precious? Fortunately, I happen to share my mother-in-law's love of bow ties on little boys, and I've been known to put some of Josh's old ties on Jude:

Our family at a friend's wedding when Jude was four months old.

So, now that you know my bias toward bow ties, I have to show you some of the cutest ones on the web. Karlee has two styles, the Sampson, which is a little fuller of a bow tie:

And the Penn, which is a skinner tie:

I love them both SO much! She has a wide array of adorable fabrics to choose from, and she will even do custom orders. I also love that for really tiny little fellas, you can get a onesie with a bow tie already attached:

Soooooooo cute! If you don't happen to have any little fellas in your life, she's got some really cute things for girls, too... like this Madden Headband:

I also love the simplicity of this Stella Headband, which you can get in tons of colors:

Lastly, I really, really like this Sloane design, which you can have made into a headband, hair clip, or broach:

 Did I mention that she sizes all of the headbands based on the size of the wearer? So you could get an itty bitty one for an itty bitty girl, or a bigger one for a teen or adult. Isn't that clever?

And now, get excited because Karlee has offered a special discount just for My Messy Manger readers. Just enter MANGER20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase! (And, of course, tell her thanks while you're at it.)

You can also follow Penn & Livie Finery on facebook or her blog, both of which will keep you updated on new styles and giveaways.

So tell me, what's your favorite thing from Penn & Livie Finery? Do you like bow ties on little boys? Wasn't Josh adorable in his little suspenders and bow tie?

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