Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back in America

Well... we've officially been back in America for one week now. We spent a busy few days at my parents' house, and a busy few days at Josh's parents' house, and now we are finally starting to feel like we're settling in, so I figured it was time for a blog update.

Our time in Moldova already feels like a dream. A great dream. Am I the only one who does that with trips or experiences once they're over? It was pretty hard to say goodbye to all of our friends in Moldova, especially these two:

Thanks so much for all of your prayers that we would have a safe, uneventful trip. Jude spent most of the long flight just like this:

And the rest of the trip he spent just happily playing in his seat or running like a wild animal around the airports. He really did amazing.

As difficult as it was to say goodbye to everyone in Moldova, it was even more wonderful to say hello to these folks:

Okay... so maybe I was too excited to stop and take a properly focused picture, but I still love it in all of its blurry glory because it reminds me of that excitement.

We miss Moldova more every day, but we are eagerly looking forward to the Lord showing us what He has planned for the next phase of our lives. We don't yet know what that will be, but we are trusting him wholly. We have nowhere to turn and nothing to cling to but Christ, and that is all we need.

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  1. I'm so glad your trip went so well! I love the blurry picture... especially the reason it was blurry! How happy you must have been to see them. :D