Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scripture Memorization Made Easy

I was sitting with Jude the other day and singing to him along with one of the Seeds Family Worship albums, when I realized how much scripture I'd memorized just from listening to their music.  We all learn the words to songs almost effortlessly as we listen to them.  Think about all of the songs that you could sing from memory... now think about all of the scripture you can recite from memory.  Embarassed?  I am.

But Seeds understands what a great memorization tool music can be and has made six albums that are all scripture set to music.  The ministry is aimed at families, but you don't have to have kids (or kids of scripture memorizing age) to enjoy this music--it's not too kid-ish for adults.

Possibly the best part is that you can listen to all of their albums for free on their website.  Just go here: Seeds Family Worship- Listen Online. We've listened to them that way for a long time now, and have just started buying the albums on iTunes with some Christmas money.  We listen to it all of the time at home, and we are excited about finally being able to listen to it in the car too.

They also have resources on their website for family worship, worship leaders, and children's ministers.  Also, under the kids section, you can download printable memorization cards and a checklist.

Seeds doesn't know who I am and I'm not getting paid anything to sing their praises.  This is just something that we are really enjoying right now and I wanted to pass it on to my friends.

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