Sunday, April 18, 2010

Piața Eggs!

When we moved to Moldova, we were amazed at the quality of the eggs in grocery stores.  They have darker yolks and more flavor than the eggs we were used to in America.  But, after hearing so much about how the eggs from the piața (outdoor market) are even better, we finally decided last week to try them.  At the piața (pronounced pee-ahts-uh, the ț makes a ts sound), there are several ladies with small bowls or buckets of eggs that were plucked from underneath their hens that morning.

We had resisted because it’s a little more difficult to buy eggs at the piața—we have to take our own egg crate and shopping bag, walk a couple of blocks, and communicate in a language that we still don’t know extremely well—all while wrestling a wild raccoon... umm... I mean... our son.

We were also a little skeptical, because we thought that the eggs we had been buying from the grocery store were pretty good.  So, we bought a few from the piața and a few from the grocery store.  We wanted to do our own totally unscientific test to see if these eggs were really better.  We were completely blown away by what we found!

We fried two eggs for each of us, one from the piața and one from the grocery store.  Look at the picture, do you see how much darker and bigger the bottom yolk is?  And also notice how runny the white part is in the egg with the lighter yolk.  We could really tell a big difference in the flavor too.

So, needless to say, we are now completely sold on the superiority of Piața eggs.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog and got all caught up with your life! Blessings.