Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simple, Yummy Green Peas

I've started to notice a lot of food/recipe posts brewing in my mind lately.  Hubs says it's because I haven't been sewing or knitting lately (although I'm currently scouring ravelry for new knitting inspiration), so cooking is my new craft.  I guess he's probably right.

Okay, maybe peas aren’t the hardest thing in the world to prepare—you dump them out of the can or frozen bag into a small pot and heat them up... right?  But as easy as they seem to be, I’ve always found my peas to be lacking.  They are usually either totally bland or I try to season them and it just turns out weird.

So last night, I tried something new.  We knew that the particular brand of jarred peas that I was using had a good texture (a lot of the peas here are really tough, no matter how long you cook them), but were really salty.  Because of that, I strained the juice and rinsed them off before putting them in the pot.  Then, I knew I would need to add some liquid to them, but didn’t want to use plain water.  So I opened my fridge and there was the oh-so-yummy-looking jar of broth from the roasted chicken [insert link] that I had made just a couple of nights before.  I poured about half of the jar on the peas and brought them to a boil before turning off the burner and letting them sit while I finished the rest of dinner.

They were delicious!  Juicy and perfectly seasoned without any thought on my part about what I was doing.

Jude loved them too!

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