Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our First Care Package!

I received our first care package today, and it was so exciting!  My Mom mailed it on October 2nd, and it was delivered to me on November 10th… talk about rush delivery!  She mailed us some Clif and Luna bars (which we love for morning snacks), some brown wool yarn that I had been using for a hat for Jude and ran out of ¾ of the way through the hat, some cute 100% cotton yarn (which is unheard of here), some teething tablets for Jude, a box of Lipton decaf tea (decaf tea is really hard to find here), a picture of us and our parents on our last day in the States, and, of course, a hand-written note, which was more precious to me than I expected.  :)

That got me to thinking… a couple of people at home had asked me what kinds of things we would appreciate in a care package, and I thought a list of things that are difficult or impossible to find in Moldova might make an interesting blog post.  If you are interested in sending us a package, feel free to email me for our mailing address!

Things we like, but cannot get here:
A1 sauce
Clif & Luna energy bars
Crest White Strips
100% Cotton Yarn
Fish Oil pills (I take them for my arthritic knees)
Super glue
Laundry stain remover of ANY kind
Craisins (Cranberry raisins… Josh loves them.  They actually don’t have cranberries here at all.)
Chocolate chips
Brown sugar
Molasses (they make their sugar from sugar beets, not sugar cane, so they don’t have brown sugar or molasses, which is the byproduct of refining sugar from cane)
Cookbooks in English
English Movies or TV shows on DVD (we don’t have a TV, but we can watch movies on the laptop)

Things we like that are very difficult to find:
Vanilla extract
Scented candles
100% Wool Yarn
Decaffeinated Tea (I’m very sensitive to caffeine and we drink decaf tea with dinner)

But whatever you do, don’t send any money in the mail!  Everything has to be inspected by customs, and sometimes they go through it before you get there, and the money probably won’t still be there by the time we get it.  J

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