Friday, November 6, 2009

2/3 of the Way Through our First Term!

Sorry, I’ve been so bad at blogging since we moved!  In my defense, it is hard to find time to blog when your internet time is so slow most of the time, and the one day a week that we go to use fast internet, it is very brief.

During the week, we can get online via dial-up internet in Josh’s office.  It usually connects at around 30 megabytes per second,  which is sloooooowwwwwwww.  On Fridays, we go to another missionary family’s house in Orhei to use their fast internet.  We Skype with our parents, upload pictures and videos, download a few American news podcasts, manage some online finances, and maybe one or two other things.  Just to do those few things, we are usually there about three hours.  We take turns entertaining Jude while the other does what we need to online.

Anyway… I cannot believe that we have already been here two months and only have less than a month before our 3 month “forced furlough” (as I’ve been calling it in my mind).  We wouldn’t have planned it that way, but there is a 3 months in, 3 months out rule until we get our living permits (which, Lord willing, will happen next spring).  It is a blessing though, because we are eager to see our family and friends again, and we need that time to raise some more monthly support.

I am particularly excited about the two weeks that we will be spending in Louisville for Josh to take some J-term classes at the seminary.  Jude and I will have all day each day to visit friends and places that we have missed since we left in May.  Josh and I are already planning out the different restaurants we want to eat at—Moe’s, Mark’s Feed Store, Great Wall, Thai Smile… yum!

Life here has been going really well, and going really quickly!  It seems like the weeks just fly by, honestly.  We are very blessed to have such an active little man, and he keeps us busy busy busy every minute of the day.  I was actually bored for a couple of minutes the other day (the house was clean, Jude was asleep, and I don’t have a current knitting project) and it felt so strange because I’m pretty sure it was the first time I’d slowed down long enough to be bored since we got here!

I don’t know if I’ve said this in a blog yet or not, but I have been quite the chef lately, and I really enjoy it.  I’ve made (completely from scratch, of course) pizza, sweet-n-sour chicken, roasted broiler chickens, meatloaf, soft tortilla shells, doughnuts, snickerdoodles, chocolate chunk cookies, chicken fettuccini alfredo, spaghetti with meat sauce, and more.  It is so fun!

I’d better wrap this up.  Please continue to pray for us and for what God is doing here.  There is much, much, much kingdom work to be done in Moldova, and these students will hopefully be just a small part of that work.  Also, please pray specifically for our church in Vatici, that we would be obedient to the Lord in all we do, and that we would actively engage the people in the village with the Gospel, and that the Lord would change people’s lives for his glory.

On a practical level, please pray that our natural gas will get turned on soon!  It is very cold now, dipping below freezing most nights.  The students are crammed into just a few rooms with electric heaters, and we have one small electric heater in our apartment as well.  We are not freezing, but we are not exceptionally warm either (especially when the hot water heater stops working… which is pretty frequently).   The gas heat will also be more cost-efficient for the camp than running the electric heaters.  They are saying it should be on in two weeks, but they have been telling us two weeks since we moved here two months ago!

Thanks to everyone for reading and praying!

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  1. Wow, you really have been quite the chef!

    We'll be getting in on some cold weather too, so I'll definitely be praying for you to get natural gas soon.

    Maybe you could type up your blogging offline and go online just to post it...just a thought. I used to send email that way. :-)