Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eight Years of Marriage

Today, Josh and I have been married for eight years. Eight years! How has it been that long already? I'm forever grateful that the Lord brought us together so young (he proposed on his 19th birthday), because it's been wonderful to figure out life together.

Some of you may know that during the semester before we got engaged, he wooed me almost entirely with letters. His letters to me were long, beautifully crafted declarations of love and intention, heavily adorned with theology and occasional drops of humor, carefully penned on custom stationery. Mine to him were scattered, shallow, and usually scratched on notebook paper or chart paper from the on campus clinic where I worked. I've shared some of them here. We had plenty of deep conversations, but I don't put those things into written words very well.

True to how we began, Josh has blogged today a beautifully serious piece reflecting on our eight years together, and I'm going to look back in a lighter way, mostly through my favorite way of relating to the world--pictures. As an introvert with a generally serious personality, there is a silly side to my sweet husband that few people get the chance to see. We actually talk often about how few people would believe that he is actually the fun one between the two of us, and it's been so wonderful to see that fun side of him come out even more since he's become a father.

So today I am celebrating the man who makes me smile and laugh more than I ever would without him, and takes me on wonderful adventures all over the world. I'm so thankful to get to live this life together!

Most of our first times spent together were with this group of friends playing Nerts and Encore.
With Kory at Passion '05.
Driving around in his blue Jeep.
Getting bored at a photo shoot in the March flowers with his mom, sister, and me.

Baby goats! Terrible pic of both of us, but I love it anyway.

What can I say?
Pretending to be Daniel Boone in Gatlinburg.
Showing off our pregnant bellies.
Getting ready for Boyce graduation, and feeling a bit like Harry Potter.
I wasn't THAT heavy.

Pringles ducks!
Bowl heads.
Josh built, dressed, and named the snowman.
Doing dishes in my apron.
Kisses on the beach in Greece.

A spring morning in Moldova.
Jude loves to jump with Josh.

At Lauren & Josh Burzynski's wedding.
He had just faked like he was going to push me off the edge.

At Quill's with Igor when he came to America to visit.
Drinking Turkish coffee on the Galata bridge in Istanbul.

Just graduated with his M.Div last weekend!

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