Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pat-Pat's Prediction

Saturday, on our way out of town, we stopped by to see my Dad's mom and step-dad one last time.

Pat-Pat and Honey at our wedding in 2006.

We've always called them Pat-Pat (or P-Pat) and Honey. Honey, because she was very young when she became a grandmother for the first time and didn't feel like the title "Grandma" suited her, and Pat-Pat because... well... I'm not sure, actually.

Pat-Pat telling Josh how he feeds his bees. They have a large garden and Pat also has several bee hives.

Anyway, we were visiting with them in their den and somehow the conversation turned to electronics and computers. They don't have a computer or many other electronics, in spite of being extremely active and "with it" otherwise (you know, compared to most of their peers). Pat-Pat leaned back in his desk chair, where he always sits when we are visiting, and proclaimed:
"I reckon in about five years, everybody's going to get burned out on computers anyway and no one will have them anymore."
I just smiled and said, "You think so?"

What do you think about the future of electronics? Do you agree with Pat-Pat and think we're all going to get burned out?

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