Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feature Friday: Aubrey Plays Giveaway

I am so sorry! I had big dreams of actually being able to put up a Feature Friday post in the middle of a huge move. I'll tell you more about the move later, but for now let me just say that this coming a few days late in NO WAY dismisses the cute awesomeness of what I'm about to show you!

Do you remember this adorable coffee sleeve that I featured recently in my feature that was all about camera stuff? Finding that one coffee sleeve opened my world up to the amazingly whimsical and adorable little etsy shop, Aubrey Plays.

First, how adorable is this Owl Woodland Bag:

Soooo cute, right? This would be perfect for any girl of any age, really.

I don't know if you know this, but bloggers, etsyers, and pinners have the internets all abuzz about the most unlikely thing... moustaches. At first I thought it was totally weird, but it's kind of growing on me. They're quirky and fun. Aubrey has definitely gotten in on the moustache love with this simple and fun Moustache Coffee Sleeve:

If you know me very well, you know that I try to do little things to make our family more healthy, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and stylish (of course).  So I love these gorgeous Insulated Lunch Bags:

She has a huge selection of fabrics and can hand embroider your name on the little tag there... perfect!

I really, really, really love this sweet Let Your Light Shine Pillow:

Just so perfect.

Aubrey revealed on her blog that she has a new obsession with oilcloth and laminated cotton, and that works out great for us because she make the most adorable, durable, and easy-to-clean Perfect Play Purse:

It's so big! It has so many pockets! And it's SO easy to clean! What's not to love?

Okay, lastly, I really, really love this sweet little Idea Journal:

Josh and I each have a tiny notebook (which I actually haven't seen since we left Moldova...). He writes ideas and thoughts for sermons, blog posts, school papers, and the like in his. How much MORE creative could his ideas be if they were written in something so inspiring?? Much more, I think.

Do you want to hear something really exciting? Aubrey has generously offered one of her adorable, hand embroidered coffee sleeves to one lucky My Messy Manger reader! Your pick! I really love this I Play With Monsters Coffee Sleeve, which she created to remind herself and others of what a blessing it truly is to get to play with little monsters (aka, our kids):

But you can choose any one you like!

Before I hand it over to Rafflecopter, don't forget to keep up with what's new at Aubrey Plays on Aubrey's blog and facebook page.


  1. SUPER cute stuff! I love the owl bag especially!

  2. Too cute! Love how whimsical her things are! :)

  3. I love coffee sleeves! So practical!

  4. I really love the owl bag and the insulated lunch boxes!! The coffee sleeve would really come in handy for my travel mug!!

  5. I like the Ideas journal cover (and yes the more inspiring the cover, the more inspiring the words written in it :) I like the option to have the round light bulb on it rather than the more energy efficient swirly kind. classic.

  6. I like the charcoal grey bike shirt on I heart analogue