Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jude in Moldova: Then and Now

Note: I wrote this a few days ago and scheduled it to post today. Just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was blogging in the airport or from the skies over the Atlantic. (As if I won't have enough to worry about with five bajillion bags and a wild 2-year old!)

Jude was six months old when we first moved to Moldova, so this is pretty much the only home he's ever known. I thought it would be fun to compare some pictures from when we first arrived to some similar recent pictures. 

First, playing in the dirt then:

And playing in the dirt now:

Being pushed by Edita around the cafeteria in his walker:

And running full-speed all around the cafeteria by himself:

Sitting on the couch then:

Sitting on the couch now: (Apologies to my photographer friends for the terrible white balance... it was nighttime and our bulbs are a funny color. This is actually a lot better than it was SOOC.)

Playing with Igor then:

And playing with Igor now: (Igor was a lot funnier to him when he was smaller. Now he mostly just looks at Igor like he's crazy, which is hilarious to us.)

This one seems the most drastic to me- Standing by the hall radiator then:

And standing by the hall radiator now (I actually focused on the clock on the microwave to emphasize how late he was awake, but you can still see how big he is):

Lastly, all of us then:

And all of us now:
Oh Moldova... we miss you so much already!


  1. I really enjoyed this post :)

  2. wow - that really puts it in perspective, to see how much time and *life* you invested in Moldova! adorable little boy and great pics :)