Friday, April 8, 2011

Feature Friday: Clay Lick Creek Pottery

I am really excited to tell you about this week's Feature Friday shop. Have I mentioned before how much I love the "Shop Local" feature on Etsy? That's how I found Kid Kapers, too. Well, this week I came across Clay Lick Creek Pottery by Karen from Carbondale, Illinois. Karen makes the cutest pottery, and it's all non-toxic and food safe, to boot. And when I say makes, she doesn't just buy the pieces and paint them, she actually throws them all herself, too! You can read a more in-depth interview with her here.

I know at least a couple of people who will love this Boston Terrier Bowl:

As a knitter, I of course love the Spring Time Yarn Bowl:

How much fun would it be to wake up to coffee in this adorable Orange Swirl 10oz Mug:

I really love the colors and lines on this Autumn Oak Leaves Bowl, and I love how it has the little foot on the bottom:

Because of our constant moving, Matthew 8:20 has come to mean a lot to our family. For us, the Sly Brown Fox Wall Hanging would be a great, artistic reminder of Jesus' words:

For those of you in or near western Kentucky, Karen will have a booth at Paducah's Lower Town Arts & Music Festival in May. You should definitely go check out her pottery, and tell her I said hi! I'm sad that we're going to miss it by just 2 1/2 weeks... maybe next year.

Also, for one week, Karen is offering a coupon code for 10% off any purchase! Just go shopping at Clay Lick Creek Pottery and enter MESSYMANGER1 at checkout, and leave her a nice thank you note while you're at it (what can I say, my momma trained me well).

So tell me, what do you love from her shop? I really can't pick a favorite... that's why I featured so many different things! 


  1. Thanks so much, Stacy! I hope to meet you in person some time.

    Best wishes,


  2. What a great blog, thank you for recognizing someone who is really nifty! Karen's pottery is very fun, as well as functional and durable! Almost all of my everyday serving pieces are Karen creations!!

  3. Love seeing featured artists - Thanks for the insight!!!

  4. what a great blog post. Karen's work is fabulous

  5. What a great blog post. I love Karen's work. It's nice to see professionally done ceramic work that is also well-decorated.