Friday, April 22, 2011


Soon after we first got settled down here in Vatici, our little family took a walk through the village to see what we could find. We wound up meeting a very friendly little boy named Alex, and his slightly suspicious little brother, Christii.

We knew VERY little Romanian at the time, and our accents were apparently so bad that Alex couldn't even understand the few phrases we did know how to say. But he was nice and probably amused at having found an American family who knew hardly any Romanian wandering through his middle-of-nowhere village, so he and Christii walked with us the length of the village.

As time went by, we would see Alex on the side of the road sometimes when we drove through Vatici and we'd wave at him. Eventually, we learned that his dad is one of the guards here, and he started spending some afternoons at camp playing basketball with the guys. He also visits our church occasionally, and we are praying that God would work in his heart.

The other day we went outside for our after-dinner walk (I LOVE that it's light outside so much later now that the time has changed), and Alex was down at the basketball court shooting hoops by himself. Josh went down to play with him, and I, of course, grabbed my camera. I think they both had a pretty good time.

In Alex's defense, most of the Moldovans don't know much about proper shooting form, or the correct rules, or basketball in general. One day Josh was playing with the students and he called a foul for double dribbling and they all just said, "This is Moldova!" Josh loves playing with them because even with his basketball training being limited to Little Dribblers, he still looks like a pro compared to them!

Will you join us in praying that God will use our students to bring repentance and faith to Alex and his family?

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