Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Tantrum and the Peace of God

I tweeted the other day that I think my husband is the most brilliant Bible scholar who has ever lived, and I meant it. He is constantly telling me all sorts of awesome insights into Scripture and I always ask him if it's something he thought of on his own or if he read it somewhere, and 9 times out of 10, he has thought of it on his own. Okay, so maybe I'm a bit biased to judge him as the MOST brilliant Bible scholar EVER, but seriously, he's pretty awesome. He's said before that he's thankful that I think so highly of him, but he's more thankful that he knows better than to let it go to his head. I say, if your wife isn't your biggest cheerleader, then who will be, right?

Anyway, he has just posted an awesome article on our mission website, GospelLife, called A Tantrum and the Peace of God, that is well worth your time to read. Provoked by one of Jude's many tantrums (we are in the terrible twos now, you know), Josh had this thought:
The peace of God is not some metaphysical thing that comes from knowledge about God. Peace belongs to God and comes from God. Peace is Divine, but we cannot have peace apart from God. We should not picture God as remaining somewhere far off and sending us a package that contains the gift of peace. No, the peace of God is knowing and enjoying the presence of God. Peace is not something. It is Someone.

Jude needs something more than knowing his father’s plan or even knowing that his father has a plan. Jude needs to know his daddy. He needs to know my character, enjoy my love, and trust my goodness.  
 Trust me, you want to read the rest. It's good.


  1. love the snippet. going to read the rest. thanks for commenting on my post the other day.

  2. Ahhhhh, peace that passes understanding! I love it! <3

  3. I read Josh's article. He is so gifted and what an encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing!! I will lift up your precious Jude when I think of him. I taught a girl with APD when I taught 3 years ago so I am somewhat familiar with it. (She was very bright by the way!) Jude sure is blessed to have you for a momma. I am sure your journey will be challenging (as it already is), but what an honor that God considers you worthy to walk this difficult road. (Like when He chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. Not something I necessarily would have signed up for.) Praying He reveals Himself to you in mighty ways through all of this. Love you!