Monday, February 21, 2011

In Four Days...

As many of you may know, for the past eight months we have been house and dog sitting for another American family who are on furlough in America.  But on Friday, they are coming back and we are moving back to camp.

In four days, I am moving from this:

Yes, the kitchen is so blessedly huge that I couldn't even get the fridge in the shot. It's off camera right. Here it is looking the other direction at the dining area:
To this:
I realize that isn't really a picture of the kitchen, but if you look past all of the cuteness in the middle, you can see the proximity of everything in the kitchen to each other.  From left to right there is the dining table, washing machine, sink/counter/microwave, stove, fridge, and couch. Remember how close the fridge and table are to the couch, 'cause I'm going to show you another picture in a second that will blow your mind.

I'm also going from this:
Ready for your mind to be blown?  To this:

Remember how the couch is right up against the fridge on one end?  Well on the other end, there's just enough room for an end table and then there's the wall.  The back of the couch is against one wall, and the back of the chair that Josh's feet are propped up on is against another wall.  That's how tiny our kitchen/dining/living room is.

But perhaps most sadly of all, I am going from this:

(it's a clothes dryer) and this:
(a huge indoor clothesline) to this:
(a huge outdoor clothesline) which I actually quite enjoy when it's nice outside, but these couple of months before it warms up (and any time it rains, as tends to happen often in the spring), it's not so fun.

All in all, the house here is approximately 5 million sq feet (no really, I don't know, but it's huge, this family has 5 kids after all), and our apartment at camp is approximately 220 sq ft.  Do you have any idea how small 220 sq ft is??

Okay, I know this could sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not.  I promise.  I'm really not.  We're excited to move back to camp.  The students live there too while school is in, and we have really missed being around them.  There's also two other families who live at camp, the Chapmans, the American missionaries who started all of this, and the Rotaris, who have two girls that Jude loves to play with.  And I have to be honest, we have had a good time taking care of and playing with the dogs here, but we will be glad to be free of that responsibility.  We're just not dog people.

And most importantly, a million pictures couldn't capture how much outside space there is at camp for Jude to run around and explore.  Oh my, he LOVES camp.  He can run around happily all day long and never get bored.

Yes, we are excited to move back to camp for our last three months in Moldova.  I can't believe we are down to only three more months... it is so bittersweet.  But that will be a whole 'nother post of its own soon, I'm sure.

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  1. Stacey Leigh, I love your positive attitude and flexibility about you. You go, girl for bringing your feminine charm to any space you happen to call "home"--even a 220 sq. ft. space! Your family reminds me of Jesus and his willingness to set aside always having the same place to lay his head in order to accomplish His Father's will. You are a living picture of denying yourself for the glory of God. Haven't been following blogs much lately, so maybe you've already updated, but I would love to hear updates on Jude and all you're learning. Love you!