Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Sick Week

Whew!  I think we are finally all recovering from a horrible stomach bug that has gone through all 3 of us in the last week.  First, Josh started feeling bad Thursday evening and Friday he was in such bad shape that he literally slept the entire day except for maybe 3 cumulative hours.  Saturday, he was still pretty puny, but noticeably improved.

By Sunday, Josh almost fully recovered just in time for Jude to get sick right after breakfast.  Poor little dude got it rough, too.  I lost count, but I'm guessing he threw up probably 15 or so times over the course of Sunday morning to Monday evening.  He was so miserable, and we spent most of those two days watching cartoons and cleaning up.

(A completely unrelated, but cute, picture of Jude before he got sick)

If there is one redeeming quality to that whole situation, it is that this house has all tile floors.  So while every towel, bed sheet, piece of clothing, and blanket got yucked on, at least we could just mop it up instead of trying to scrub it out of carpet.

Monday afternoon came, and Jude seemed to be feeling better.  As the afternoon and then evening wore on, I started feeling worse and worse.  By bedtime, Jude and I were both throwing up, and Josh was single-handedly being our comforter, clean-up crew, bed sheet changer, and... well... just our overall hero.   He told me later that as he was up that night for the second time trying to comfort Jude back to sleep, he broke down crying in prayer to God for help.

Monday night was rough for me, but Josh and Jude were able to sleep well.  By yesterday (Tuesday) Jude was in the "still pretty puny, but noticeably improved" category.  I, however, was still in the thick of it.  I slept most of the day, and spent the rest sitting or lying on the couch trying not to throw up.  Jude took a good 3-hour afternoon nap, and Josh was able to get some much-needed rest.

Tuesday evening, Stephanie brought me some strawberry jell-o with real strawberries in it!  I had a little (it was the first thing I'd eaten in over 30 hours) and it was great.  It's been my staple so far today, too.

As of today (Wednesday), Jude seems to have made a full recovery, and I have reached the "puny but noticeably improved" category.  Things are looking up!

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  1. Maybe I'm on the back end, but I'm praying for you, Lil! What a rough week.