Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh, the Anticipation!

So, a couple of nights ago, Josh let me (and by "let me" I mean that we always agree on unnecessary purchases, and he surprised my by agreeing to this one) get on Knit Picks and buy the needles and yarn for a new knitting project that I've been drooling over for quite a while now.

The long-desired project is called Springtime Bandit, available for free from Kelbourne Woolens.

Isn't it awesome??  It's only about a bajillion times more difficult than anything I've ever tried to make before, but I'm not scared.  It'll be a really fun challenge.  Josh said that I could only make it if I wore my glasses with it.  I think that's a given, don't you?  I mean, she just looks so smart and cool in that picture with her glasses, scarf, and cardi.

I can't wait!  I will, of course, post pictures when I finish.  Come on, did you even have to ask? :)

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