Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter... Then and Now

I enjoyed the difference between our St. Patrick’s Day pictures so much that I thought I would do the same for Easter.

Here is our little man, about 10 weeks old, on Easter 2009:

And here he is this year, hunting eggs like a big boy:

The Saturday before Easter, we boiled and dyed some eggs for Jude to hunt.  We didn’t really expect him to care much about the whole thing, but he actually seemed to really have fun with it.

The first egg he found, he threw several times like he throws a ball.  After that, he realized that if he squeezed it, it would crack and he could play with the inside.  He had a good time exploring and playing with the eggs.  I have a lot more pictures (as always) on my facebook, if you are my friend there.

On Sunday after church, we had a huge meal, including roasted lamb, with the two other American missionary families here.  It was delicious.  I tried to make a broccoli casserole, but it didn’t turn out so great.  At least I think I know what I can do differently next time.  Afterward, the kids ran out and found more eggs, which the older kids had hidden before lunch.

We learned that Easter in Moldova (well, Easter as figured by the Eastern Orthodox Church) only coincides with Easter in America once every 7 years, and this just happened to be one of those years.  We know that Easter in America is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, but we’re still not sure how the Eastern Orthodox Church figures when their Easter will be.

And just for good measure… Easter 2005—five years ago—about 2 months before we got engaged:

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