Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our First Day Outside!

Thanks to the gorgeous weather yesterday, Hubs and I got the chance to get baby J outside for the first time!  We walked around a little with his awesome Jeep stroller (which he really seemed to enjoy), but mama's still hurting quite a bit so we spent most of our time sitting on a bench just enjoying the day.


(We didn't even realize until yesterday that we hadn't taken a picture of the three of us since immediately after he was born... what a slacker of a photographer mom I am!)

It did WONDERS for my sanity to be able to get outside and see something other than our apartment and doctors' offices.  Even as the wind started to pick up and the temperature started to drop, I just didn't want to leave!  It was a wonderful couple of hours.  I can't wait until it is spring and nice outside, J and I are going to be out every day!

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  1. Stacy - I totally know what you mean about it's necessary for your sanity to get out of the house BESIDES the doctor's office. I still feel that way and treat it as a blessing for even a trip to Walmart (with or without babies!). It looks like you had a great time outside! Jude is so handsome - keep the updates coming!