Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Guess I Should Update

Well we came home from the hospital last Thursday afternoon with 4 different prescriptions (2 antibiotics and 2 for pain). In a lot of ways (especially pain-wise) I feel like I've started back at square one after the c-section. It still hurts. We spend a lot of time like this lately:


J is getting to where he is having longer awake times lately, which I think could be really fun if I knew what to do with him. He fusses after about 20 seconds of anything but nursing... which means we nurse a LOT... which means he poops A TON! Haha. We need to buy some more cloth diapers. We still don't have enough for full-time CDing, so we are still using sposies part-time, which I really want to move away from. The other day I found a bunch of gel pieces from his diaper on his privates! Yuck!

Typing one handed while nursing is really slow going, so I'm going to cut this short. Maybe someday
I'll write a real blog post again, but until then I am just enjoying getting to know this sweet baby and trying to take it easy and finally feel better.

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