Monday, February 2, 2009

Power, Power, Wonder-Working Power!

Praise the Lord, we have power back on in our apartment!!  I know that four and a half days without power is a drop in the bucket compared to what many in Kentucky are in for... some sources are saying that certain rural areas of western Ky may not have power restored for a month or more... but when you are 39 weeks pregnant, having lots of serious braxton-hicks contractions, staying with friends, and can't reach your parents or in-laws by phone if the baby were to come, each minute seems like an eternity!  We were blessed by the hospitality of some amazing friends, though, who made the whole experience a lot more pleasant.

Here is the tree in front of our apt that was so beautiful and full when we moved in just over a year ago, but between the wind storm and this ice storm, it has really taken a beating:


I am reminded of a quote that hung on the wall of the electric company where I worked for a while.  It was said several decades ago by an unnamed country man, telling his neighbors about the merits of getting their homes hooked up to electricity for the first time:
Brothers and sisters, I want to tell you this. That the greatest thing in the world is to have the love of God in your heart, and the next greatest thing is to have electricity in your house.

Can I get an amen??

Well, all of that said, Baby Hutch is still warmly curled up in my belly.  Since we discovered that our power was back on yesterday, I've been telling him that he can go ahead and come on out NOW.  I'm tired of being so uncomfortable and I'm ready to meet him.  I'm definitely all belly, which is good, but it's a LOT of belly!


That belly is not an easy thing to lug around!  Hubs says I'm not really as big as pictures make me look, but I think he is just trying to make me feel better.  :)   Seriously, I'm ready for my baby to be on the *outside.*  I try to walk and keep busy to hopefully help things along, but I get so tired I can't do much of anything for very long without needing to rest!

I guess that's all... I'm off to clean the kitchen and try to get this little stinker to want to come out.  :)


  1. That should say 'lives' .....

  2. My mom told me that the ninth month is to get you to the point that "no matter what it takes, just get it out!!!" I am glad you have elctricity again! I have a friend that lived in Bowling Green and works for an electric co.....and has been working NON-STOP!

  3. i have to say you look beautiful! i can't wait to hear/read of the good news! good luck!

  4. I had a dream that you had the baby and he was as big as a 2 yr old and he turned out to be a girl and you were so mad. haha!

  5. What a cutie you are! I haven't been by in a long while... I LOVE the fabric you chose for your baby wrap, GREAT fabric, great colors, wonderful job. :)
    Glad to see your pregnancy has gone nicely and glad to hear your power is back on.

  6. I love the pastel color of your Baby.. and your tummy looks really big, i can imagine you'll be having a healthy "big" baby... Glad your power is back.. so you wont be having a hard time..