Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homemade Baby Wrap

I am so excited about the wrap that I made!!  Here I am trying to model it with a stuffed bear as my baby.  It looks a little funny because of my big 'ole pregnant belly, but you get the idea:


And then I think this is a real back carry... I was just playing with ways to tie it:


Here is an up-close of the center fabric:


It was so easy!  I just bought 5 yards of chocolate cotton fabric, and then a yard of the center fabric (I totally didn't need a whole yard, but would rather have too much than not enough).  I cut the chocolate fabric in half and double hemmed the edges.  I also rounded the ends for a little bit more finished look, and hemmed those too, of course.  I sewed the bottom edge of the chinese fabric on as I was hemming the bottom of the chocolate, and then went back and fixed up the sides and top of the chinese fabric last.

Total cost was about $12 (that's only counting half of the price of the 5 yards of chocolate fabric, since I can make another wrap out of the other half).  Not bad considering that most wraps like that sell for $40-$80!

I can't wait for Baby Hutch to get here so I can carry him everywhere in it!! :)