Saturday, January 17, 2009

37 Weeks Pregnant!

Holy smokes!  I just cannot believe that I am 37 weeks preggo!  I was telling a friend the other day that when I think about having been pregnant since May, it feels like I've been pregnant forever, but at the same time it feels like it's flown by.

This is the point where it starts getting harder and harder to be patient.  I'm exhausted and so anxious to meet this baby.  Not to mention the fact that we want to be ready in case he comes any day now, but also be emotionally and mentally prepared for him to not come for more than a month.   That is hard!

We've been sleeping on the couches since before Christmas, and it's sooo much more comfy for me than the bed (and hubs sleeps better too since he can't feel me tossing and turning as much).  We just scoot the loveseat over so they are right up next to each other.  Fortunately he naturally sleeps really curled up, so we fit pretty good.  And when he wants to stretch out, his feet are always welcome over on my side.  :)


I've been waking up about every 2 hours at night lately to potty and roll over (yes, just rolling over isn't as effortless as it used to be... it takes about 5 mins of readjusting all of my pillows and stuff) and reheat my wheat pack while I'm up.  That sucker (along with my wonderful chiro) has SAVED my back.  By the end of our Christmas visit home, I could barely function because my back hurt so bad and I would wake up crying out in pain about every 2 hours begging a groggy hubs to rub my back.  But since I've gotten back to the chiro and started reheating my wheat pack at night, my back has felt great.  Praise the Lord!

I saw the midwife on Thursday and now start seeing her every week.  Everything looked really great- my blood pressure was good, my iron was good, my weight is good (right around 151 right now... so if I'm counting 132 as my official start weight, then I haven't even gained 20 lbs yet!).  My belly measured 44 cm!  Woah!

Baby Hutch is apparently taking after his Mama's hard-headedness already and still not wanting to turn head-down.  It's still not a big deal since he's still got plenty of time to turn, but it is getting increasingly uncomfy for both of us.  He has NO room in there and is constantly pushing against my ribs, breastbone, and pelvic bones.  I know the poor thing has to be so squished.  The top of my belly is so tender and feels like it is bruised on the inside from his little head pushing so hard against it all of the time, and the skin of my belly is so tight it feels like you could pop it with a pin.  I'll have to make a separate post sometime about all of the different breech-turning things we've tried... some of them are pretty funny/odd.

Hubs took me out for my birthday on Wednesday and we had a really great time.  After fixing me birthday pancakes that morning, we went out for dinner to the Olive Garden and then bought my birthday present- a carrying case for the AMAZING new camera my parents got us!  :)  Of course since we were dressed nice I had to take pictures:


The belly looks a lot bigger from the side:


It's so funny to look back through all of the pregnancy pictures I've taken and realize that every step along the way I thought I was getting sooooo big.  Hahaha now I just laugh at the fact that I ever thought that!

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