Monday, July 14, 2008

This bird has figured it out!

We have a hilarious new development at the Hutch House. When we moved in, we hung a birdfeeder right in front of the front window purely for the cats' enjoyment. We honestly didn't think that any birds would be brave enough to try to feast from the feeder, but lo and behold, several have stepped up to the challenge.

Any time a bird flies up, if the cats are awake, they quickly jump up on the back of the couch and scare the bird off. One bird, however, has figured out that there is glass between him and the cats. I almost lost it the day we saw this happen for the first time.

He bounces around the birdfeeder, peeping at the cats around one side and then the other. The cats go CRAZY in the window, but he never flinches. I think it's fun for him. :) The other day he came back and I was able to snap a picture with my cell phone. I was frustrated though, because right after I snapped it (but before I had time to snap another one), Dinah jumped up to where they were almost eye-to-eye, but the bird just stared right back.

Who needs a TV when you have this kind of entertainment?

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