Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pastor Appreciation Month

I'm sitting in my living room on the last Sunday morning of October. I've been sick all week, and although I'm hopefully on the mend now, I'm still not feeling well enough to get myself and 5 kids ready for church plus wrangle them all in the pew for an hour.

So instead of being in church, I'm sitting here thinking about the man across the parking lot who is at this moment about to preach his heart out to a church full of people whom he loves dearly.

Most people will never see the inside view of the lives of pastors, but I do. At least this one. And he is the most hardworking, self-disciplined person I have ever met. He pours his life out for his family, his church, and his studies without ever expecting praise or notice. He works so hard for the church and his Ph.D studies, and somehow still manages to be more involved at home than I think is common.

He is meek and humble in ways that my strong-willed personality struggles to comprehend.

Shaving his head at the end of VBS, because the kids met the missions goal.

He loves the world and the gospel, and constantly strives to lead our church and our family toward ways that we can reach out both in our community, our country, and our world.

He is not perfect, of course, but he is still pretty darn great. I'm so thankful that I get to sit under the teaching and pastoral care of my own dear husband. And I just felt inclined to let him know, on this last Sunday of Pastor Appreciation Month, how much he is appreciated... at least by the frazzled lady who is usually in the second row with all of those crazy kids.

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