Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday in Zomba

Josh reading on Eric & Stephanie's balcony

Just in case you were wondering, Josh and I have been sleeping GREAT. If you ever travel overseas, I highly recommend staying awake on the trip over (which is miserable, and we don’t do on purpose, but we just can’t sleep sitting up on a plane), and making yourself stay up until normal bedtime when you arrive. Take some melatonin when you go to bed for the next couple of nights, and you’re fine. We realized this morning that we probably don’t need the melatonin anymore, because we slept in an extra hour and still took a long time to feel awake.


This morning Josh went over to the church to teach again. The men are eager to learn and one told him at the end today that he would go back to his village a different man because of what he’s learning here.

I took a sponge bath and got ready to go to the market with Stephanie (they don’t have a hot water heater yet, so we boil water, pour it in a bucket, add some cold water until it’s a good temperature, and use a cup to pour it on ourselves to bathe). We walked down the road to where the taxis are and jumped in a car to go to the market in downtown Zomba. And by taxi, I mean some guy with a beat up old car who earns money by shuttling people back and forth. 

The road in front of Eric & Stephanie's house

We drove by a place where a lot of women go to do laundry

Papayas, lemons, and avocados at the market

This is the booth where I bought my wrap

I was impressed by this woman's bowl of lettuce on her head, but she didn't seem amused

There were SO MANY cages of live chickens at the market

Grasshoppers and small fish dried, salted, and ready to eat

I could just eat up all the sweet squishy babies around here

Stephanie and me in the taxi on the way home, squeezed in the backseat with two other women
We got what we needed at the market and headed back just in time for lunch. After lunch, Linda, Pastor Gama’s granddaughter, met us. Stephanie and I went with her over to the church where they feed 10 orphans 7 days per week. They feed even more orphans at another church here in Zomba. (Sidenote: They don’t have enough sponsors for these orphans, and there are many more kids that they could feed with more sponsors. If you’re interested in helping them, please go here for more information.) After the kids ate, Stephanie, with Linda translating, used the storying cloth we brought to teach the kids the gospel through several Bible stories. 

Stephanie and Linda with the storying cloth

This boy said he knew about the story of Moses

After the lesson, I took a picture of one boy and showed it to him. As I was hoping, after that they all wanted to see pictures of themselves. I was so excited to get to take such great pictures of such sweet, gorgeous kids!

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