Friday, April 19, 2013


1. I recently found a pair of overalls that were my FAVORITE when I was Jude's age (actually I was probably a couple of years older, because I was petite and he is huge). They were hand-me-downs from my next oldest cousin, who is a boy. I loved them then and now I love them on him!

2. When we visit Daddy at work (aka walk across the parking lot and go in the church), Jude's favorite thing to do is drink out of the water fountain.

3. I visited a little gift/antique shop in downtown Hodgenville the other day and couldn't help but giggle at this sign on the door. It says, "THIEF!! YOU ARE A LOW LIFE BEING!! THE BLACK CAT FIGURINE YOU STOLE (approx 12" with velvet like finish) BELONGED TO GRANDMOTHER. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. BY YOUR ACTIONS IT IS EVIDENT YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN!"

4. My spice shelf in my kitchen is packed with spices. Anybody else have this problem? I need a better solution.

5. There are two big, fat reasons why I'll never have the crisp, beautiful all-white bedding that I love. At least I love old quilts just as much, and they are much better at hiding cat hair.

6. We went thrifting as a family in Glendale last Saturday. Jude was not a fan, if you can imagine. That made things somewhat difficult.

7. Any time our cats lay like this, we exclaim, "Oh no, it went belly-up!" And then we rub their bellies. Calvin loves belly rubs.

8. The other evening, a storm was blowing in just as the sun was setting, which I always think looks so cool. I took this as we were playing in the cemetery. Yes, we play in the cemetery. When you live in a parsonage without a whole lot of other play space (we have a big front yard, but until we get a fence around it, it's too close to the road to play in), you play in the cemetery.

9. The last existing Druther's in the world. I stumbled upon it driving around Campbellsville last week!

10. I'm loving the fields of goldenrod (our state flower) that are abundant right now.

11. I found a local farmer to buy farm-fresh eggs from, and he gave me a quart of freshly rendered lard and homemade lotion, too!

12. Jude's started crossing his legs when he sleeps in his carseat, and I love it.

13. It's spring! The flowers are blooming, we're finally getting to play outside most days, and Glenn (a trustee at our church and our handyman neighbor) is building us a front deck and helping our yard look pretty!

14. This boy's favorite place to play is the front porch of the church. He's funny.

15 & 16. It actually got up to 80 degrees the other morning, so we got our water hose out! Jude loved spraying the hose, and then I hooked it up to a cheap sprinkler I bought, and he really loved that (although he didn't love it when the sprinkler would change directions and start coming after him!

17. I'm so thankful that my boy loves piggyback rides and that I'm able to give them.

18. Most parents pack goldfish or fruit snacks or something with them when they're running errands and think their kid might get hungry. I packed a whole huge pork chop and he happily munched on it as we strolled through Home Depot, soliciting some funny looks from others.

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