Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Sixth Anniversary

May 20, 2012 marks our sixth anniversary. Six! That blows my mind. That means we got engaged seven years ago, and that just feels like ages. When I first started coming around, Jessi, Josh's little sister, was a freshman in high school. Now, she's a married college graduate. Jezebel, his family's boxer, was a wild 2 year old pup. Now, she's a greying, arthritic old dog. And Josh was... well... you can see how different Josh was!

In celebration of six years of wedded bliss, I thought we'd take a look back over the last seven years (starting with the year we got engaged), because I just love stuff like this. I can't help it. I tried to find pictures from as close to May of each year as possible, but there are a couple of years where we apparently didn't think to get any good pictures of just the two of us around that time.

2005 (This was the night we got engaged.)

2006 (Wedding day... obviously.)

2007 (A welcoming party for us at Elk Lick Baptist Church, where Josh pastored for two wonderful years.)

2008 (This is actually from September when we visited the Creation Museum. I don't know what we did the first half of the year, but it apparently wasn't worth photographing. Also, I was pregnant.)

2009 (Josh's college graduation weekend; out celebrating at Wick's Pizza.)
2010 (Sorry about the chest hair. It's seriously the best picture of just the two of us from the whole year. We had just been swimming through a cold mountain swimming hole, hence the sharing a towel thing.)

2011 (At an awesome Thai restaurant in Moldova to celebrate five years.)

2012 (After a hot date on Bardstown Road to Mark's Feed Store, Heine Bros Coffee, and some window shopping.)

Goodness, that man of mine just keeps getting better looking every year! I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, and I couldn't imagine spending my life, no matter how hard it gets, with anyone else. Happy sixth anniversary to us!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Stacy! Dave and I just had our 7th anniversary on May 6th. The two of you are so young and cute in that first picture! I need to make an effort to get more photos of the two of us - we have only a handful.
    Blessings to you in year 7!
    Jennifer (from MYM group)