Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Splash Park Fun

The other day, we took a shortcut on our way home from wherever we'd been and we discovered a precious little free splash park very close to our apartment! There were several spraying water elements and also a big climbing playground right next to it for kids who got tired of the water. It looked perfect for a hot summer day, and even perfect for a boy that isn't really that crazy about getting water on his head, since I knew he would at least play on the playground.

We went later in the day so we didn't have to worry about crowds or sunscreen. He started out just keeping around the perimeter of the water. It looked interesting, but kind of scary, because he knows that boys have died from getting water on their heads before... and don't try to tell him otherwise.

Eventually, he started enjoying the single stream of water coming from this big happy frog.

I put down the camera for a while and started running through the spraying water myself, and then holding his hand and leading him through the water. To my surprise, he actually didn't mind it getting on his head... he even seemed to start enjoying it!

He went through the big sprayer in the middle with me a few times, and, again to my surprise, decided to go through it once by himself! He did it slowly and intentionally, taking a few pauses when he would get a particularly big splash of water in his face, but never giving up.

He did it! I was so proud! I put down the camera and spent the rest of the time just running through the water with him. It was so much fun!

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