Friday, August 5, 2011

Feature Friday: Ceramic Travel Mugs

I first stumbled upon the amazing works of Sarah Constantino at sewZinski when I was searching etsy for matryoshka doll items several months ago. I found this hand-painted Matryoshka Doll ceramic travel mug: 
And I knew that I had found a shop that needed to be featured in a future Feature Friday. (Say that five times fast!) I stuck this cute little matryoshka girl cup in my favorites list and kind of forgot about her for a while. But now here she is, ready to play and to introduce you to some of Sarah's other wonderful mugs!

I love the 90's-ness of this Morning Mix Tape mug:

And I love, love, love these delicate yellow feathers:

Apparently octopuses (octopi?) are kind of in right now. I've seen them on necklaces and whatnot. Normally, I think they're kind of creepy looking, but I couldn't help but smile at this cute pink octopus peeking over the bottom edge of the mug:
She also has ones in purple and green, if you'd rather.

I know I've mentioned this before, but my awesome Sister-in-law is a Spanish Education major, and so everything I see in Spanish always reminds me of her (come on, this is a big city in Kentucky... we don't have a lot of native Spanish-speakers around these parts). So of course I thought of her when I saw this mug proudly proclaiming in Spanish that it is not a paper cup:
She also has one in French, if that's more your style. And she takes custom orders as well, so I'm sure she could do one for you in any language you wanted, as long as you told her what to put. I'd love to have one that declares, "Aceasta nu este o ceașcă de hîrtie," which is, of course, Romanian.

Lastly, I thought that these sweet little Robots with the hearts on them were just too cute not to share:

I love the sketchy, casual style of her art so very much.  All of her double-walled ceramic mugs are painted with non-toxic paints and are microwave-safe. But don't think that mugs are the only thing Sarah makes... she showcases her art in so many different and beautiful ways in her etsy shop, you really just have to go look around for yourself!

Just during the month of August, she is having a deal where you can save $20 when you buy any 4 mugs at the same time, so go get some of your Christmas shopping done early, why don't ya?

You can also keep up with sewZinski and all of Sarah's latest products and specials on facebook, twitter, or her blog.

So, I've shown you my favorites, what do you love from sewZinski? Do you have a favorite travel mug or does one of her other items tickle your fancy? Let me know!

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