Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Wear a Scarf?

Okay, so I'm going to let you in on a pretty well-known secret among those who know me personally... I'm not very stylish. I mean, I like style, but when I put something stylish on myself, I just don't feel like it looks right on me. 

Here's another less well-known secret... I'm a sucker for vintage scarves. I have several that I've bought at various junk stores over the years, but I never wear them because I don't know how. Isn't that pathetic? But I plan to change all of that with your help!

We have a team of Americans here right now, and one of the ladies went with me to the market on Thursday. I was showing her around the clothing part of the market and she wanted to look for some kind of shawl or large scarf. We didn't find exactly what she was looking for, but we did stumble upon something I'd never noticed before... a whole bunch of vintage scarves! They were only 10 lei (about 85 cents) each, so we both got one. I got a fun red and teal one because I really love those colors together.

But I need you to help me figure out what to do with it! I'm really putting myself out there by posting all of these make-up-less, dorky pictures of myself, but I thought a visual would help. So first, here's me with it tied behind my neck:

And tied in the front: (I'm not super crazy about this one because I feel like it adds a lot of volume to my front side... and to be honest my front side doesn't need any more volume!)

I really like the way it looks tied around my head, but it is constantly slipping off! I think part of it is because I have such a high forehead. I figured out that if I pull it down past my hairline a bit, it stays on a little better, but I feel like it looks a little weird because it smashes my bangs against my forehead. I wore it like this for much of the day Thursday, but by the end of the day I was pulling it down a lot farther on my forehead. You could still see my bangs, but barely.

And, at the risk of exposing myself as a total dork, this is really my favorite way to wear it. It's fun and out of my way and stays put. When I asked Josh what he thought about it, his exact words were, "It's a little weird. You look like a flag girl." Thank you, sweet husband. At least he's honest, right? So I want you to be honest, too. Is it weird? Would you wear it like this? 

How would you wear a scarf like this? Do you wear scarves? Do you think I'm just a total dork for wanting to wear it at all? Please help.


  1. I am just subbing because I too have no clue how to wear scarves!

    also, if I looked like that with no makeup, I would pretty much never wear makeup. the end.

  2. It amazes me that you can find so many ways to wear that! I wouldn't have had a clue what to do with it. It's beautiful, though!

  3. Girl, I LIVE in scarves! They are pretty much my favorite accessory and it takes all I have to not pay a ridiculous amount for one. You don't know how jealous I am that you only paid $.85 for yours. I just learned a really cute way to wear less fluffy scarves, like the one in your photos... Fold it in half and wrap it around the back of your neck. You have a loop on one side and the ends on the other. Take one end and thread it through the loop. Twist the loop and thread the other end through. It looks like it is woven. I'll send you a photo on Facebook. It would look so cute on you!

  4. I like the one in your hair because you have such great bangs! But I understand that it falls out. Maybe you could bobby pin it?

  5. I LOVE scarves! I've never been brave enough to wear one in my hair, but it looks sooooo good on you that I'm tempted to try it now...