Friday, May 6, 2011

Feature Friday: August Blossoms Camera Straps

Two Christmases ago, my sweet, wonderful husband bought me a gorgeous, handmade camera strap for my camera. I loved it so much that I instantly put it on my camera and ran to the bathroom to try to take a picture of it in the mirror. Almost 2 and half years later, it is still on my camera and I still love it just as much. It has held up amazingly and, as long as I hand wash it occasionally, you can't even tell that it's not brand new.

Josh bought my strap from the (at the time) relatively new etsy shop, August Blossoms. Since then, Denise's shop has really taken off and she continues to make high quality, adorable straps. 

One of my favorite features (besides the awesome fabrics) is that every strap has a lens cap pocket built right in! Raise your hand if you are like me and constantly misplacing your lens cap... no more! The pockets fit a 2 1/4 lens cap, which is a perfect fit for the kit lens that came with your DSLR camera. If you're using lenses other than the kit lens, you may want to opt to make the strap wider for just $5 more. My 50mm lens cap is smaller and I have trouble with it slipping out, and my 28-75mm lens cap is way too big. Since I don't use my kit lens anymore, I've started keeping a lint-free cloth in the pocket to wipe off the filter on the lens when little hands try to touch it. It's very handy!

Okay, enough talk. Let me show you some straps. I really, really love this Trees and Leaves one:

I am a huge Amy Butler fan, so I really love the Lotus strap:

And I really love this Nicey Jane strap made with fabric from another fabric designer that I love, Heather Bailey:

And how lovely is this Gray and Pink Dolce strap:

She also makes wrist straps, which I've never used, but I think would be awesomely convenient. Sometimes I just wrap my long strap around my wrist anyway. You can choose any fabric combination that you see on the big straps:

I'm so glad that Josh picked out my strap for me, because I am terrible at deciding between so many amazing options. If I got to pick out another one, I really don't know which one I'd get! I mean, I'm pretty sure I'd get a wrist strap, but I'd have a really hard time choosing the fabrics!

Now get excited, because Denise recently opened up a Facebook page, and if you go "like" August Blossoms on Facebook, you can get a code for 15% off! You can also go here to see more fabric choices that may not be in the August Blossoms shop.

So tell me, which strap is your favorite? Would you try a wrist strap? Are you going to take advantage of the 15% off code?

Just for the record- I've received nothing from August Blossoms (except the strap that my husband paid full price for 2.5 years ago), and I don't get any commission from any of her sales. As always, I just really love her stuff and I love to share stuff I love.


  1. I can't pick which one I like the best! I love them all!

  2. I LOVE that trees and leaves one. I might take advantage of that 15% off! Beautiful straps.

  3. Those are so cool! I might have to get one! :)

  4. Ooo, gorgeous. How much more fun to have colorful camera straps! And they don't look itchy like the coarse black one my camera came with. Adding to my wish list!!

  5. Love the grey and pink one. I want it in a wrist strap {copies link to e-mail husband} :)

  6. I love the idea of a wrist strap and the pocket for the lens cap! When I shoot I always wrap my strap around my wrist, but I don't know if I would like to only have a wrist strap. She has such cute fabric choices.

  7. Umm, those are *adorable*!!! Thank you for sharing! I am new to the photography world, but I recently inherited a canon rebel dslr and I love it! I am trying to learn how to shoot manually right now. I am so done with auto settings! ;)

    Anyway, I'm going to take advantage of the 15% coupon code for a friend of mine--this will be a great gift for her! Thanks for sharing! (ps, I learned of the paper coterie from your blog too, thanks for sharing such great things!)