Monday, March 28, 2011

An Update on Our Family

I figured it had been a while since I’ve written much about our family and what’s going on with us, so it was time for a little update.

Josh and Jude have finally gotten over being sick. They both still get occasional coughing fits if they get too winded, but other than that, they are fully recovered. I, by the grace of God, managed to dodge this one, but others were not so fortunate. We passed this bug ALL over camp. Several of the students got it, as well as another one of the other teachers, her husband, Luda, Estera, and Edita. I think everyone is finally over it, though.

Besides that, we are just enjoying our last few months here. I am still teaching two advanced English classes until Stephanie gets back at the end of April. Josh is teaching two New Testament classes this semester, The Writings of Luke and Letters of Paul II, finishing the curriculum for the third year of New Testament (which Igor will take over and teach), and taking an online class from Southern Seminary. Needless to say, it’s a very busy semester!

Jude continues to grow like a weed. He is officially in size 7 shoes now (is that normal? I've always thought his feet seemed huge... wait according to my googling, that's actually small for his age? How is that possible???), but he only has one pair of shoes in that size! Well, we still squeeze him into his size 6 rain boots to play outside because his one pair of size 7s are nice shoes. I’m hoping to get him some new shoes soon, but children’s shoes in Moldova are VERY different from children’s shoes in America, so there’s no telling what we’ll find. He should have enough clothes to make it to June, though. Last year I bought several of his t-shirts in 2T, so they were a little big last summer, but at least most of them should still fit this summer too.

Josh is still sending out resumes and we are praying that the Lord will give us some direction about our future after June 7th. Please pray with us about this! We fight daily to not let the faithlessness of doubt and worry creep into our minds. We trust that God will provide for us in this just as he has provided for us in every step we’ve taken up to this point. I take comfort in singing earnestly with one of my favorite hymns, His Love Can Never Fail:
I do not ask to see the way my feet will have to tread,
But only that my soul may feed upon the Living Bread.
‘Tis better far that I should walk by faith close to His side.
I may not know the way I go, but, oh, I know my Guide! 
I  guess that's about it. Like I've said before, we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone back home in June, even though we will be sad to leave everyone here!

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  1. Cute pic! <3 We are just getting over a bad cold around here too. So nice to be amongst the living again. ;)