Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free Sock Monkey Birthday Printables: Thank You Cards

What better way to round out my line-up of free birthday decorations than with coordinating thank you cards?
*Note: For some reason, blogger is sucking the life out of the color in these. In the original documents, the teal and red are actually really vibrant, fun colors.

As you can see, these come two to a page and are top fold cards with a blank inside. These are the only things that I actually put any attribution on, just because I feel like it's normal to have something like that on the back of a card. And hey, if you've used all of my free stuff to decorate your party, surely you won't mind saying a little thanks to me too when you say thanks to your guests, right?

Click here to download the PDF: Sock Monkey Thank You Cards

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Please let me know if you use my decorations, I'd love to see pictures!

ETA: Hi, I'm so sorry to anyone who is new to my blog, but we've added 3 kids to our family through foster-adoption, and I just don't have time to customize the birthday printables anymore. I hope you'll understand! Feel free to enjoy the free ones. :)

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  1. Hi there, not sure if you'll get this comment by I was looking for sock monkey party ideas for my son's first bday party and stumbled upon your blog! :) I was just wondering if you could help me personalize the decorations or let me know how much it would be. I would've emailed you but the link didn't work. email me back at if you can! thanks!!