Friday, March 18, 2011

Feature Friday: Scentsy

I think you'd pretty much have to be hiding under a rock to have not heard of Scentsy by now, right? Well today I am proud to feature Emily Torres, a fabulous Scentsy Independent Consultant who also just happens to be my very own cousin! (Okay, she's technically my first cousin, once removed, but how many people really know what that means, anyway?)

So, raise your hand if you like things that are stylish, safe, and smell wonderful, all at the same time. Scentsy's wax is designed to have the lowest melting point and highest scent load possible. What does that mean? It doesn't take much heat for the wax to melt, so it's safer than candles and most other kinds of warmers, and once the wax does melt, it's going to smell better than other waxes, and it's going to smell better longer, too.

Okay, enough talk, do you want to see some of the adorable warmers they have? This first warmer, called Dotty, is the warmer of the month so it is on sale for 10% off right now:

Is that not precious? They also have a campus collection of warmers. This University of Kentucy one would look great in my parents' basement with the rest of my dad's UK stuff:

I love the little plug-in warmers, too. My mom has this one in her bathroom, and I just love it:

And I thought this one, called Wonky, was too cute not to share:

Probably my favorite thing they sell though, is the Scentsy Buddy. These are adorable, huggable stuffed animals with a special zippered pocket in their backs for a Scent Pack. Smell is proven to be an incredible trigger for relaxation, comfort, and memories. Imagine how comforted a child would be in a new home or a hotel room if he could have his stuffed frog with him that smelled like home, or you could use the French Lavender Scent Pack to make his Scentsy Buddy the perfect bedtime snuggle toy. How cute is this little frog, Ribbert? And I love the textures on him:

Also, let's talk scents. They have pretty much any scent you can dream of. Some of my favs are: Hazelnut Latte, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Vanilla, White Tea and Cactus, and Reggae Sunset. Can you tell I like things that smell like food?

So tell me, what do you love from Scentsy? Do you have any warmers or particular scents that you just love? Does anybody have the Scentsy Buddy? I'm really thinking about getting one for Jude and I'd love to hear your reviews.

If you are interested in purchasing anything, you can click here to be taken to their site. All you have to do is click to join Stacy Leigh's Online Party, and start shopping!

For the record- I haven't received anything from Emily for promoting her here. If you do go to the website and buy something through my online party, then I will receive the same host rewards as if I were hosting a party at my house. Which, if you like Scentsy and you like my blog, why not show me a little love while you're filling up your home with cute stuff that smells great?


  1. I have a ton of scentsy so I'm not buying right now, but it's such a great product! I love the lavender home scents (although lavender vanilla is discontinued- boo!), Inner Peace, and Skinny Dippin! My kiddos have the elephant, lion, monkey (which my son named Funky Monkey) and I just got the lamb for our baby girl that we are adopting! Love them! It makes their rooms smell nice as well as being a fun toy!

  2. Oh Man! I love the pomegranate mango scentsy! I use it all the time at home! I may need to go look at other warmers and find one that matches my living room. My current warmer matches my bathroom =) Thanks for the reminder!