Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clickin Moms

Have you ever heard of Clickin Moms?  It's a message board specifically for professional photographers, aspiring professionals, and passionate hobbyists.


Right now, until January 31, 2011, they are offering 20% off any subscription if you use the coupon code FRIEND at checkout.  You can pay by the month, or save and pay in 6 month or 12 month increments, or you could even buy a lifetime membership and never pay again!

If I were a professional photographer, I would join this in a heartbeat.  I think it would be an awesome investment, and membership really isn't that much (if you get the 1 year membership with the coupon code, it's only $3.33 a month, and if you got the lifetime membership, the price per month would eventually dwindle down to almost nothing).  But as a poor missionary who is just a passionate hobbyist (okay, let's be honest, I have professional dreams, but those are very, very far down the road when my kids, most of whom aren't even born yet, are all older), it's not something that I can personally justify right now.

Are any of my friends Clickin Moms members?  I know I have several friends who are professional photographers, I'd love to hear your input.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I joined the Clickin Moms affiliate program (you don't have to be a member to do so), so if someone were to click through to the site from my blog and join (which is extremely unlikely), then I would get a teensy teensy tiny commission from it.  I mean, really tiny.  But I figured what could it hurt, right?  Maybe if enough people signed up through my blog, then I could actually afford to join too!

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