Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free Christmas Music

I have to admit, this year we broke a very sacred commandment here in this house and started listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  We had downloaded a bunch of awesome, free Christmas songs from Noise Trade and we just couldn't help ourselves.

Have you heard of Noise Trade?  Artists upload their own songs for you to download for free!  Most just offer a few sampler songs, but others offer entire albums.  There are new songs all the time, but some of our favorite Christmas downloads have been from High Street Hymns, So Elated, and Justin McRoberts.  On the home page, the "top downloads" tab right now is almost all Christmas music.  You can listen to full-length samples of every song, and if you decide to download it, all you do is enter your email and zip code and you will immediately receive an email with a download code.

There's really no reason not to go get yourself some new free Christmas tunes... I am actually downloading even more new music right now!

I do have to warn you that you may or may not end up with about 30 versions of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."  You can either really enjoy that song, or pick and choose your favorites once you've downloaded all of the music you want.


And if you are in the mood to pay a little bit for some music that is worth every penny, I have a few more recommendations for you:

Andrew Peterson has released a 10th Anniversary edition of his classic Behold the Lamb of God album. You get the original recorded version of each song, and an new live version as well.  We cannot say enough good things about this album.  The album is made to be listened to from beginning to end, tracing the entire Biblical narrative with moving songs like Passover Us, So Long Moses, and Deliver Us.  He has a clever song called Matthew's Begats, which is Jesus's genealogy as told in Matthew, and my personal favorite, Labor of Love, an extremely beautiful telling of Mary's labor.  You can buy it at the link above as a CD or digital download.

Sojourn is a church in Louisville whose members have put together a great album called, Advent Songs.  They also offer free chord sheets on their website for all of the songs.  They only offer these on CD, which you can buy at the link above.  We bought this CD a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed it.  The songs don't sound "Christmasy," so they are a refreshing way to meditate on the advent of Christ.

Lastly, several of the Indelible Grace artists are featured in Your King Has Come, which is available as a CD, entire album download, or you can listen to all of the songs, pick the ones you like, and just download those individually.  If you don't buy any other music this Christmas, at least buy the first track, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, by Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken.  You will thank me, I promise.

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