Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Jude!

My baby is 1 year old today!  *sniff sniff*

One year ago today was a very difficult day.  After 12 hours of labor, things were not looking safe for Jude to be born naturally, so we made the difficult decision to go to the hospital for a c-section.  Exactly a year ago from the exact time that I am writing this, I was in the most traumatic part of the day, actually being admitted to the hospital and prepped for the c-section.  Yes, I said traumatic.  Anyway... moments later, our perfect 10 pound, 3 ounce boy was brought into this world.  Nobody could believe how big he was!

The first few months were very difficult.  Jude had silent reflux and I didn't fully recover from the c-section for 3 months.  Josh pulled through for all of us with more strength and endurance than I knew was possible.

Jude is such an incredible blessing.  Every time I look at him, my heart swells with love, joy, and thankfulness to God.  He is full of energy, enough so that keeping up with him has proven to be all of the workout plan I need.  :)

Happy birthday, baby.  I love you, and I love being your mommy.

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