Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monster Booty Wool Shorties

Who needs to smile this morning??  *raises hand*

Well here is all you need:

I made them, of course, using my beloved flowerpot tots pattern (but as always, I prefer to do an elastic waistband).  You can see other shorties I've made using the flowerpot tots pattern here and here.

The green/brown color was achieved by double stranding two skeins of fingering weight yarn, a green skein and a brown skein... obviously. :P  And anyone as obsessed with wool shorties/longies as I am will recognize the face as an obvious Crankypants knockoff, though I do take full credit for making the chart myself in microsoft excel.  Actually, going back to the Crankypants website just now made me realize how much bigger my monster's eyes are than those, and I like mine better!

And I know I'm a little late on this, since it is already halfway through December, but I currently have on my needles my first pair of wool longies for Jude... with a monster face booty, of course!  These were actually sent to a friend for her son (I know, it killed me to part with them!), so Jude definitely needs a pair.

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