Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy Chicken Apron with Hand Embroidery

I found an old, hand-sewn apron a while back at a flea market and have been dying for a long time to use it as a pattern for a new one.  I finally got around to sewing it up at the end of the summer, and not long ago finished the hand embroidery.

I have to say that I am extremely proud of and surprised by this apron.  It was a lot more difficult to sew than I had planned for, and with the way I sew (no pattern, cutting jagged lines with huge, uneven seam allowances, winging it every step of the way), it’s a miracle that it turned out so well.  I really love the ruching at the bust.

The crazy chicken design that I used can be found... well poot, I forgot where I found that and can't find it again!  I just free-handed the swirls.  This was my first attempt at hand embroidery and I really, really enjoyed doing it. :)


  1. Oh! That is gorgeous! You wanna share your pattern? I'm especially impressed with your embroidery. It's very cute, and while I've never done any embroidery myself, I think you did an excellent job on it. :-)

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