Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adjusting to being Mommy

Nobody ever talks about how hard it is to adjust to being Mommy.

I mean, you think you're ready, but then you have this tiny person who needs you every moment of the day, and it can be really exhausting.  And you've heard about postpartum hormones, but still didn't think you'd cry or sweat THAT much.  And you're so exhausted that just unloading the dishwasher wears you out, much less thinking about tackling Mt. Laundry or straightening the living room.

Granted, I had a little bit harder postpartum than most mamas (c-section and rehospitalized for an internal infection that still gets sore 2 months later if I'm off the couch too much in a day), but I think that we all should give ourselves permission for things to be a lot less perfect than we thought they were going to be.  As a friend of mine says, you didn't just give birth to a baby, you gave birth to a mother.  And just like it will take J time to learn how to do things like crawl, walk, and talk, it is okay for it to take me some time to learn how to be a mommy.

My friend I quoted above has four children and is a retired homebirth midwife.  She wrote a blog post that I have referred to frequently before and after J's birth, and every soon-t0-be or new mother would be greatly encouraged to read it:

The Reality of Postpartum Life, or 12 Week Magic

Gotta go... J's waking up.  :)

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  1. it's like all i can say is "amen." i read that post you linked and agree with the 12 weeks. your baby boy is so incredibly precious and i know you feel so blessed that your journey has taken you here. love you lots!