Monday, December 8, 2008

31 Week Pregnancy Update

Wow... I'm in the single digit "weeks left" countdown!  I apologize for the very disjointed post, I'm just trying to remember all of the things I wanted to write about.

Here's my 31 week belly:

Things are going really well.  Baby Hutch is still breech and jamming his little head up under my right rib as I type.  :)  We've been doing some things in the evenings to encourage him to turn, but it's still pretty early.  I mostly just want him to turn because everybody says that mommy is MUCH more comfy once baby turns to head-down.  Right now it feels like I have a splint between my hip bones and my ribs keeping me from bending forward in the least.  The past few days he has been doing this thing where he is sitting on one hip bone and pushing his feet against the other, so that it feels like he is literally spreading my hip bones apart... talk about weird feeling!  He's moved out of that position for now though.

I think I've written before about how a lot of times he'll lay a certain way and my belly will be extremely lopsided.  Well I just had to take a picture of my belly at this very moment while I am typing this:dscn3782

Hahahaha it cracks me up!

Oh, funny story: for the past couple of months, every time Hubs preaches Baby Hutch just goes CRAZY inside- kicking and punching and stretching and moving, and then as soon as the preaching is over he stops.  We've started to joke that he is going to be very disappointed when he comes out and realizes that we're not Pentecostal!

My aunt and cousin threw us an adorable baby shower over T-day weekend and we were so blessed by all of the people who came!  Here is a pic of me showing off one of the cute outfits we were given, and dear sweet cuz helping me keep record:


I was finally able to weigh myself when we were home for T-day weekend and I've only gained 8 pounds so far!  I think Baby Hutch is sucking pounds from other parts of my body, which I am totally okay with!  I go back to the midwife in the morning and if there is anything worth writing about, I may post a quick update about the visit.  For now though, I HAVE to stop procrastinating and start on some things of much higher priority than blogging! :)


ETA:  Just a couple of notes from the midwife visit so I don't forget:
  • She confirmed exactly how I knew he was sitting in there.  Breech with his little butt on my left hipbone, head under my ribs.
  • My belly measured 37 cm.  Holy smokes!  That's almost the same size as a full-term belly!  She said she didn't feel excess amniotic fluid, and he doesn't feel bigger than he should be, so that's good.  She said part of it at this point is probably because of the way he's sitting, so he takes up more room in my belly rather than fitting down into my pelvis.  But I've consistently measured 3-6 weeks bigger since my first appt at 11 weeks, so this is just normal for me.
  • Good strong heartbeat, 120 bpm.
  • Blood pressure was good.  Can't remember the exact numbers.

I think that's it.


  1. that belly picture is hilarious. what is jude doing in there?!

  2. i really like that picture of us! my face looks tan and thin....for some reason. I'd like to see the other pictures from the shower if you have any.