Tuesday, November 18, 2008

French Press Cozy

A while back, hubs lamented that his coffee in his french press gets cold really quickly and asked me if I thought I could sew up a solution.  He has the Bodum Young Press (except his is all black).  Everything I found online was either knitted, or sewn (both of those links are tutorials to make totally cute cozies, btw), but they just weren't what he had in mind.  Given the design of his french press, most of his heat was escaping through the top, and those cozies, though cute, don't help that problem.

So what's a crafty wife to do?  I drew up my own pattern just to fit his french press and went to work!  The finished product is quilted with awesome UK fabric on the outside, ironing board lining in the middle (VERY thermal... props to Mrs. Gentry for that idea!), and blue corduroy on the inside.  The hardest part was sewing on the binding around the top because it was so thick and such a small area to work with.

Side view, I just love the fabric!


Top view, see how it's shaped around the handle?

Next to the french press:


And a view of the inside:



  1. Consumer Review: This cozy is AWESOME!!! Really does the job right! Kept my coffee piping hot for a really long time!!! FIVE STARS: *****

  2. Hahaha you are too sweet. :)

  3. what a great solution! (and thanks for the nod)

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