Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6 Months Pregnant!

As of Saturday, I was officially 27 weeks pregnant.  The whole weeks-to-months conversion can be pretty tricky.  Some things I read say that 27 weeks is 6 months and the start of the 3rd trimester, some things say that it won't be until 28 weeks, and by my calendar, I think that it should have been 26 weeks.  So I'm averaging numbers here and saying that I'm officially 6 months and in the 3rd tri.  :)


(Okay the picture is actually from 26 weeks.  I didn't get a cute one this weekend.)

I just had another midwife visit this morning and she told me that I'm measuring about 3 weeks ahead, which is no biggie because I've been measuring big all along.  Everything looked great.  My hemoglobin was a little low (could indicate an iron deficiency), but the midwife recommended a different multi-vitamin and she is hoping that will take care of it.  I always thought that all vitamins were the same, but apparently a whole food vitamin is worlds better for you, so I got the Perfect Prenatal by New Chapter.  These are awesome because they also have probiotics in them, which help keep your good bacteria strong and protect against infections.  Click here to read more about why a whole food vitamin is so much better.

Baby is still breech, and he's getting big enough now that it's getting really uncomfy.  He's gotten quite fond of stretching out and jamming his hard little head up under my ribs.  Our midwife said to go ahead and start trying some techniques to encourage him to turn head down like playing music (or daddy's sermons!) through headphones at the bottom of my belly, inverting myself (hips higher than my chest) for a few minutes at a time, or putting something warm under my belly and something cold on top of my belly.  She's fine with doing a vaginal breech birth, but it would be best if he would get that little head down.

That's about all, I guess.  I need to get my new belly pictures on the computer and post another comparison sequence.  He's getting bigger!  I think he's going through a growth spurt or something because for the last week and a half or so I've been RAVENOUSLY hungry.  Like, look-out-world-I'm-coming-to-eat-all-of-your-food kind of hungry.

Oh that reminded me!  This past week I had my first comments from random strangers in public about being pregnant!  It was an exciting milestone for me because that means that I actually look pregnant now and not just moderately chubby around the middle.  :)  Monday, a cashier got onto me for trying to carry something that was pretty heavy, then yesterday another cashier said something similar.  (The first time was legit, but yesterday I was carrying a curtain rod!  How heavy did she think it was??)  I went to the KBC office for work on Wednesday and several people asked about the baby, and today when Mom and I were looking at vitamins, the store worker took one look at me and said that they had prenatal vitamins in that brand too!  I love it! :)

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  1. Hey, you may not remember me, but we went to HBC together......anyway....my 3rd child was breech and I went to a Chiropractor in my 6th mth. He adjusted my hips and then he placed his finger on my round ligament. It is called something, but I dont' remember. My son turned that night. It was like an earthquake in my belly. Just food for thought. Your OB or midwife will tell you not to do it, but it worked for me. Good luck.