Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pregnancy Week 15

I had my second midwife visit yesterday and it all went well.  My blood pressure looked great, I had gained 2 lbs since my last visit (which puts me at about 7 lbs below my pre-preg weight), and all of my test results from the first visit came back normal.

So then the midwife comes in the room and starts to feel my belly and she says, "Girl, you are either 20 weeks or you have two in there!"  In case you missed the news from the first visit, I was 11 weeks then and measuring 14 weeks, which was enough to prompt her to get me an unscheduled ultrasound to see just how many were in there.  The ultrasound tech looked all over that teeny little womb and we only saw one baby.  I'm also definitely not 20 weeks because I was charting when we conceived so I know that my dates are perfectly exact.  So ruling those two things out, she said it could be a fibroid and we would check for it at my next appointment.

The craziest part to me is that I have a 20-week sized womb but am still not showing!  I mean, I'm a little thicker around the middle, especially when I'm relaxed, but I don't have a noticeable belly yet.  That's just crazy.  This is how big a typical 15 week womb is:

And this is apparently how big mine is!

But at last month's ultrasound, even though my womb was measuring so much bigger, the baby was measuring exactly right, so I'm thinking I've got a 15 week sized baby in a 20 week sized womb.  He/she must have a lot of room to play around in there!

Other than that... I'm still moderately queasy most of the time and I still have no appetite.  I thought I was supposed to be getting into the second trimester everything-is-delicious phase!  But about the only thing I actually ever want is cucumbers in vinegar.  That's all I had for lunch today... I really need to force myself to eat something else soon.

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