Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pregnancy Week 14

Three and a half months!  Baby is about 3 1/2 inches now!  That's about the size of a lemon.  :)

I was trying to explain to Josh the other day how my nausea had lessened, but was still there. It's like this whole time I've been mildly nauseated all day, and REALLY nauseous after I ate. But now, I'm only mildly nauseous all day. Which is still annoying, but a lot better than it was in the first tri.

This morning I weighed myself and thought, I really need to write down my weight progress somewhere so I will remember how it went.

Pre-preg I was about 132 lbs.

At 11 weeks I was 124 lbs.

At 13 weeks I was 122 lbs.

Now, at 14 weeks, I am 125 lbs.

So I have finally started to gain some! It's crazy though because all of the weight has been lost from my limbs, but I feel like I've still been getting thicker in my middle. I still don't have a baby belly, but I do feel a little pudgier... unfortunately, I think that's mostly from being too tired to get up off the couch after work for the last 3 months. But that is indirectly from the baby, so I don't feel bad about it! I have GOT to make myself get up and start walking though... hopefully now that Josh is finished tutoring and I have a tiny bit more energy, we will be able to start walking together after work and class.


I don't guess there's much more to say. I go back to the midwife this Friday, so I will definitely report on that at 15 weeks!


  1. Wow.That's amazing.I wonder how i feels to have a lemon sized undeveloped baby inside of you.

  2. How exciting! Just happened on your blog by chance & wanted to say congrats. Good luck with keeping all the memories - there is a really great book out there called "The Pregnancy Journal" that does a great job of culling all those memories. I used it with my baby girl and love looking back at it!